Sl.NoDate of Issue of CircularName of the CourseSponsorCountryDuration in DaysFromToLast Date of Submission in DEACircular FormApplication Form
1 04/07/2022 Urban Pandemic Response in Cities SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore522/08/202226/08/2022 22/07/2022 View
2 04/07/2022 Innovations in Governance SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore529/08/202202/09/2022 18/07/2022 View
3 04/07/2022 Education Transformation for Policymakers The Singapore Experience SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore512/09/202216/09/2022 05/08/2022 View
4 17/06/2022 Infrastructure Project Development, Planning and Management SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore529/08/202202/09/2022 11/07/2022 View
5 17/06/2022 Greeen Economy SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore525/07/202229/07/2022 08/07/2022 View
6 14/06/2022 Environmental Conservation and Sustainability SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore515/08/202219/08/2022 15/07/2022 View
7 10/06/2022 Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore501/08/202205/08/2022 17/06/2022 View
8 13/05/2022 Managing Coastal Biodiversity under Urbanisation Pressures SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore518/07/202222/07/2022 10/06/2022 View
9 13/05/2022 Technology and Courts of the futurer SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore504/07/202208/07/2022 20/05/2022 View
10 12/05/2022 Strengthening Public Involvement Approach and Quality Improvement of Safeguard Policy in Public Work JapanJapan1522/08/202205/09/2022 01/07/2022 View
11 12/05/2022 Enhancement of Training Management in Vocational Training Institutions JapanJapan2529/08/202222/09/2022 01/07/2022 View
12 06/05/2022 Assuring Food Safety and Security SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore504/07/202208/07/2022 30/05/2022 View
13 04/05/2022 Disaster Risk Reduction of Buildings JapanJapan1026/07/202204/08/2022 03/06/2022 View
14 04/05/2022 Technology and Courts of the Future SCPTA SingaporeSCPTA Singapore504/07/202208/07/2022 20/05/2022 View
15 13/04/2022 Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning with Internet of Things MalaysiaMalaysia518/07/202222/07/2022 10/06/2022 View
16 31/03/2022 Executive Certificate Course for Strategic Management of Anti Corruption Programme by Malaysia Anti MalaysiaMalaysia504/07/202208/07/2022 27/05/2022 View
17 31/03/2022 Programme of International Course on flood mitigation and storm water management by Department o MalaysiaMalaysia526/09/202230/09/2022 22/08/2022 View
18 31/03/2022 Media and Public Diplomacy Course for International Participants by Institute of Diplomacy and MalaysiaMalaysia515/08/202219/08/2022 08/07/2022 View
19 31/03/2022 Short Course on Embracing Digital Transformation in the NEW NORM by Islamic Tourism Centre MalaysiaMalaysia922/08/202230/08/2022 15/07/2022 View
20 31/03/2022 Digital Security Professional Development and Lifelong Learning Program by Cyber Security Malaysia MalaysiaMalaysia823/08/202230/08/2022 15/07/2022 View
21 31/03/2022 Leadership Journey in Environmental Sustainability The Malaysian Experience by Razak School of Govt MalaysiaMalaysia720/07/202226/07/2022 10/06/2022 View
22 31/03/2022 Performance Audit on Construction work Building by National Audit Academy Malaysia MalaysiaMalaysia404/07/202207/07/2022 27/05/2022 View
23 31/03/2022 Seminar on the Dynamics of Youth and Terrorism Understanding and Countering the Issue Online by S MalaysiaMalaysia925/07/202202/08/2022 17/06/2022 View
24 31/03/2022 Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning with Internet of Things MalaysiaMalaysia518/07/202222/07/2022 10/06/2022 View
25 30/03/2022 Industry in Survey and Mapping Practices in Malaysia by National Institute of Land and Survey MalaysiaMalaysia505/09/202209/09/2022 29/07/2022 View
26 23/03/2022 Embracing Digital Transformation in the New Norms by Islamic Tourism Centre MalaysiaMalaysia922/08/202230/08/2022 15/07/2022 View
27 23/03/2022 Enhancing Sustainability by Linking Culture Nature and Community through Tourism by Islamic Tourism MalaysiaMalaysia921/09/202229/09/2022 12/08/2022 View
28 23/03/2022 The Arts of TVET Trainers by Centre for Instructor and Advanced Skill Training MalaysiaMalaysia508/08/202212/08/2022 01/07/2022 View
29 23/03/2022 Strategies in Developing and Managing Sustainable Muslim Friendly Destinations and Products by Islam MalaysiaMalaysia919/07/202227/07/2022 10/06/2022 View
30 22/03/2022 Pandemic Risk Reduction and Management by MERCY Malaysia MalaysiaMalaysia522/08/202226/08/2022 15/07/2022 View
31 22/03/2022 Managing Global Talent in Oil and Gas Industry Conference and Dialogue Session Two by INSTEP MalaysiaMalaysia419/09/202222/09/2022 12/08/2022 View
32 22/03/2022 The Administration of National Halal Certification Body by Institute of Islamic Training Malaysia MalaysiaMalaysia508/08/202212/08/2022 01/07/2022 View
33 22/03/2022 IT Audit by National Audit Academy Malaysia MalaysiaMalaysia412/09/202215/09/2022 05/08/2022 View
34 22/03/2022 Introduction to Petroleum Technology by Institute Technology Petroleum Petronas INSTEP MalaysiaMalaysia522/08/202226/08/2022 15/07/2022 View
35 22/03/2022 Fundamental in Islamic Capital Market by Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia IBFIM MalaysiaMalaysia525/07/202229/07/2022 17/06/2022 View
36 22/03/2022 TVET Professional Educators Enhancement Programme Skill Development in the Time of COVID by Univers MalaysiaMalaysia501/08/202205/08/2022 24/06/2022 View
37 22/03/2022 Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas by Malaysian Maritime Academy ALAM MalaysiaMalaysia501/08/202205/08/2022 24/06/2022 View
38 22/03/2022 Capacity Development for Administrator of Primery Schools by the Institute of Teacher Education MalaysiaMalaysia508/08/202212/08/2022 01/07/2022 View
39 21/03/2022 Best Practices for Health Safety and Environment HSE and Maintenance Excellence in Oil and Gas Indus MalaysiaMalaysia518/07/202222/07/2022 10/06/2022 View
40 21/03/2022 Innovation in English Language Pedagogy Best Practices and Accessment by the Institute of Teacher Ed MalaysiaMalaysia525/07/202229/07/2022 17/06/2022 View
41 21/03/2022 Life Cycle Initiative towards Sustainable Manufacturing for Circular Economy by University Tun Husse MalaysiaMalaysia512/07/202216/07/2022 03/06/2022 View
42 21/03/2022 Project and Portfolio Management for Managers by National Institute of Public Administration INTAN MalaysiaMalaysia518/07/202222/07/2022 10/06/2022 View
43 21/03/2022 Development of Physical Infrastructure in Malaysia by CIDB Holdings CIDBH MalaysiaMalaysia515/08/202219/08/2022 07/07/2022 View
44 17/03/2022 The Future Malaysia Insights on the Policy Economy and Investment in Maritime Industry by MIMA MalaysiaMalaysia412/07/202215/07/2022 03/06/2022 View
45 17/03/2022 Revolutionizing the Malaysian Construction Industry by CIDH Holdings CIDBH MalaysiaMalaysia504/07/202208/07/2022 27/05/2022 View
46 14/03/2022 Economic Diplomacy Course for International participants by Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign MalaysiaMalaysia515/08/202219/08/2022 09/07/2022 View
47 08/03/2022 The Strategic shift of Thirty Three KV Overhead Lines Maintenance Regime Approach by TNB MalaysiaMalaysia504/07/202208/07/2022 27/05/2022 View
48 08/03/2022 Certificate in Cooperative Community Development through Microfinance by Cooperative Institute of Ma MalaysiaMalaysia522/08/202226/08/2022 15/07/2022 View
49 08/03/2022 Regulatory Framework of Electrical Competent Person for Energy Supply by TNB Integrated Learning Sol MalaysiaMalaysia515/08/202219/08/2022 09/07/2022 View
50 08/03/2022 Certificate in Cooperative Management and Governance by Cooperative Institute of Malaysia CIM MalaysiaMalaysia522/08/202226/08/2022 15/07/2022 View
51 03/03/2022 Holistic Approach on Managing Prison Reform by Correctional Academy of Malaysia MalaysiaMalaysia508/08/202212/08/2022 01/07/2022 View

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